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Find out the meaning of ascendant in astrology. Get your free love compatibility report, which compares the astrology birth charts of you and your partner. There are a few exceptions to the above, so for a proper analysis read your detailed birth chart analysis to make sure you know your sun sign. Horoscope Dates - What is your zodiac sign? December 9th Horoscope Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. December 12th Horoscope Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.

December 15th Horoscope Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.

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December 18th Horoscope Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. December 21st Horoscope Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. December 24th Horoscope Capricorn Zodiac Sign. December 27th Horoscope Capricorn Zodiac Sign. December 30th Horoscope Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Previous Martial Your Forces! L November 15, at pm.

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December 2nd Horoscope. December 5th Horoscope. Focusing on the facts and how to take practical, strategic steps are a great way to start.

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Until Monday, the Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn. Emotionally, you'll do best when living in the moment and truly embracing life as it comes. You may not really be interested in making drastic changes that rock the status quo. IN fact, there can be some wrestling with what really needs to change vs. Communication can feel like it's meant to be happy and light. You can enjoy listening to music and reading.

December 8-9, 2018, Weekend Horoscope Astrology Forecast For Your Zodiac Sign

This weekend is good for attending movies, shows, lectures and even writing. If you are looking for something new to add to the home, shopping might also be a fun way to spend your day. You might find that one little thing added to your home can make the entire energy flow improve. There is symbolism on each Tarot card that you can use to provide insight to your daily horoscope when things are unclear.

Aries, it's a productive time for your zodiac sign. This weekend, you can get started on a new business adventure or have a positive outcomes with business meetings.

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  4. You may discover something associated to your current career that allows you to either expand a role or deepen knowledge about your field. Right now you may feel disruptions are your worst enemy but you need to realize that you are the most prepared for change and have the ability to exceed expectations with dynamic in your life. Taurus, this weekend, just have fun and live in the moment.

    Open a book and read about something that you find really interesting. If you're a hands on person, paint or do a new craft just to open your mind to creative energy flow. With the World tarot card, a period of total fulfillment is upon you. You are a creature of touch and crave material things as well so now you will feel right and just about getting everything you have wanted, after all, it is a time of material wealth as well. Gemini, starting over again can be easier this weekend.

    If you have a project or something you thought about scraping altogether, you might find a way to revive it and take it to a new level. With the Death tarot card, everything is about to change for you. Since you can be indecisive this new phase in your life can be a little frustrating but trust your gut and embrace the changes coming your way. Everything new will soon be easily transitioning into your life. Cancer, this is a great weekend for dating or going out with friends and taking time to socialize. Now is the time to harvest your love relationships or career and put your emotional strengths to work.

    This is the time where you will have to ability to feel purpose and power to get anything and everything you want to be done.