Today 15 october birthday horoscope aries

They feel that while they can get along with pretty much everybody, there is a certain line of intimacy they dare not cross. In many cases, this line gets worse and worse with every year.

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You would do much better in life if you were to question those lines and push them back. You get along with almost everybody you meet. You know when to say the right things and the right time to do so. While Venus plays a strong role in your cosmic constitution, Jupiter still exerts a calming influence.

Put these two factors together and it easily explains the seeming contradiction in your personality.

October 15 Zodiac is Libra - Full Horoscope Personality

You should avoid being scared of your inner limits. Come out of your shell, and take more risks as far as your emotions go.

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Your lucky color is gray. Gray is actually quite an exciting color because it blends pretty much with every other color. It speaks volumes about your personality.

However, there are still certain people you ought to avoid — the first such personality is someone who loves stirring up conflict and drama. As a person of peace, you find this kind of energy very harmful, and mediating it is an absolute nightmare.

Aries Horoscope tomorrow October 10

Worse, they tend to override your arguments as to why certain events need to play out a certain way, leaping before they look in every way and often leaving chaos in their wake. What a nightmare! Nonetheless, do yourself a big favor and take more risks as far as intimacy is concerned. You may have a lot of superficial friends, but nothing beats a best friend. Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search. Hey there! Sign in. Forgot your password? Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Your password reset link appears to be invalid or expired. To be fully functional instead of scattering their energy on too many thoughts, they need to find inner stability and the inner system of support that allows them to express, as they wish, in any surroundings imaginable.

The importance of the inner child meant to play and give thanks to nature itself is seen in this line, and what those born on this date need, is the purity of childish intent in life.

October 15 Libra Personality

Their inner world is to be nurtured and safe, so they can give thanks, help out, and support their own fragile tendency to fly, sharing information and beauty with the rest of the world. Birds stand here as a symbol of words, that need the element of Water and a touch of emotion and heart, so they can reach the point of substance and fulfillment and fly off into the world.

April 15 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

With the destination in front of them set in the role of Uranus, Libras born on October 15th need to reexamine their systems and fight for an, often rebellious, battle of Self. They are to set free in expression of their true needs, opinions and motives, so they can spark the light in their own life and live through adventures that are calling on them. Their task is to take risks, engage in strange activities and become those eccentrics within that yearn to get out, while holding on to healthy boundaries and giving enough freedom to others to live their lives as they wish to.

Libra Birthday Horoscope

This leads them right into the social circle of value, supportive of anything they want to achieve. Communication plays the most important piece of the puzzle in the love life of those born on October 15th. Their ability to show their position clearly to the right person is going to define the quality of any relationship they make.

Their words are meant to be tender and in tune with the essence of emotional connection and should be in balance with what the intimate contact allows do they can truly assess how satisfying their contact with the other person is and if it is enough for their emotions to flow freely.

Birthday Horoscope

This is all just a reminder of their own boundaries and ability to sense the moment and the level of connection with those standing in front of them. It is important to realize that not each emotional bond is meant to be fully functional or at a level of emotional interaction they actually need. As they let go to the real emotional flow in pure honesty, they stop expecting and start living their contacts until they reach for those that embrace them for who they truly are. A Libra born on October 15th excels in all sorts of debates and healthy dialogues, with paperwork, telephone agencies, bloggers and website designers, when information needs to be shared and pinned to an image, as well as practical knowledge.

They work well with their hands and their voice, as sculptors and writers, and those who give others a sense of belonging in a larger system or a tribe. They become leaders when in the right pack, surrounded by people who see them clearly without too many obstacles in the path of communicating and sharing valuable information.

A wonderful crystal to support those born on October 15th is kinoite, as it helps them rest, sleep, and reach the point of compassionate and healthy communication. It is known to remove blockages from the throat chakra, allowing truthful dialogues and helping one find the perspective in the world allowing them to hold on to their center of personality while talking. It assists recalling ideas given the Universe, and gives them a practical note so they can share and materialize their desires in the world they live in.

A good choice of a birthday gift for someone born on the 15th of October can be a good novel, a book that will give them information on practical topics and teach them how to fix what is broken or build something in detail. They will enjoy a course for a new language, astrology, or some cycling equipment, a new pair of sneakers, and something to boost their need to move. Throw them a party, inviting people who love them, and give them a sense of belonging in a certain tribe that might be different than those structured by the outer world.